Friday, September 10, 2004

Rum and the Wherehouse

Have you looked at this site? asked Shuddha.


So I did. I looked at the Wherehouse.

And found an image of a bottle of rum, with a ship traversing, a big many masted affair.

and so -

a conversation remembered with one who was a
friend, part of the process of becoming a past
tense in each other's lives -

the ship crosses the ocean, right to left(like the
arabic soon to be lost in the new world), belly
full of slaves.

slaves bound for the sugarcane plantations. from
where the 'matured cane juice' is extracted,
fermented, and becomes XXX rated rum.

'When you drink rum, you are drinking a whole
ocean of exploitation and slavery'...(the story of
thor and the bottomless horn...)

'I will not drink rum again'

'And the history of slavery will go away?'


Rum is a repository, a memory of the sweat of slavery.
Coke is a symbol of American global hegemony.

Rum and coke is my drink of choice.

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