Monday, November 29, 2004

lost in translation?

double translation.

The following fragment of poem, written by Pash, is translated from the hindi translation of the punjabi original.
but the hindi had a power and a rage that made it seem true to the original. does the english live up?
The poem is written in the voice of the swan who once fell wounded at the yet to be Buddha - Siddhartha's feet - and became the first proof of the boy's future greatness -

When I fell faltering right at your feet

You became the Buddha

But I am still wandering with broken wing

I speak from a dried up orchard far from Mansarovar

And now it's not to you

But to the soldier on the death field of Kalinga

Drawing his last breath that I say

Why is it

That enlightenment is always the twist of the noose around our necks

Soldier, why does the path to salvation

Always pass through the gate of our last choking hiccups...
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