Monday, August 29, 2005

why insomnia isn't good for you

agar 'subah ka sapna hamesha sach hota hai', as hindi movie mother are apt to say, then we are in trouble - because i've just had the king of all weird dreams, just before waking up -

i don't remember the plot, but it's vaguely peter pan meets harry potter meets recreational drugs in vaguely indira nagar, lucknow - where i lived as a child.

a bunch of crusading teenagers surreptitiusly spread the word around, and children and parents gradually become converts to the cause - the cause being a vague and unspecifed threat, combated by taking manukka - my favourite bhang derivative... and starting to float, literally

(If you're reading this, mom, it is just a dream!)

one shot i remember (yes, i am afraid to admit, my mind is so colonized i dream cinematically ) is of a toby stephens lookalike sitting down to a very english high tea and saying, 'gosh, this tastes awful', and then spreading marmlade over it and ingesting neverthless....

i woke up just before the dream became a frantic balloon race of adults filled with wonder (and not hot air for once) jostling up in the sky....

of course, the dream i had BEFORE that was far more likely, but I's rather not believe that. That had my teeth falling off in front of certain notable authors, and turning out to be rather green and diseased looking on close examination...

moral of the story -
sleeping at 4 am and waking up at 7.30 is not good for anything except the writing of sci fi/fantasy novels. right, samit?
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