Sunday, January 15, 2006

a last ghazal

16 November

A last ghazal written in flames, I burn for you

And how many other loves will I spurn for you?

The ocean heaves, the poison pot due to rise

All my gods and demons still churn for you

(I drink the poison till my neck turns blue

I will be a roller bird[1], even a bittern for you)

To look back is to turn to a pillar of salt

My Sodom, my love, I will turn for you

(And what do they know of Sodom anyway

When all the leaving swore, I will return for you)

‘He has become a rival who was my confidante’[2]

Perhaps I understand Ghalib’s concern for you

[1] Roller bird is the prosaic English name for the bird known as neelkanth in Hindi.

[2] Ban gaya raqeeb jo tha razdan apna… Ghalib

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