Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Note on the entry of Foreigners into India.

This one is for K.

I have been going through bulky volumes of Nehru's papers at the Teen Murti Library in Delhi. Came across this fascinating 'note' from 13 November, 1946.

Excerpt below -

It is obvious that it is desirable to prevent or restrict the admission into India of undesirable foreigners. The Home Department has put up a note showing that their past experience with various types of people has been far from happy. They mention especially Arab, Iraqi and Irani traders. They say that Iraqi Jews have been notorious for their black market activities in Bombay. The Arabs have often indulged in smuggling activities... The restaurant trade in Bombay has suffered also because of the large number of Iranians.

Suffered? Because of Brun Maska? Becuase of Berry Pulao (Iranian berries, Parsi resturant)? Because of Irani Chai?

And this was twenty odd years before Bal Thackeray became big...
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