Saturday, December 23, 2006

the blowout

it happened. finally. the promise of the alcoholic reindeer was kept, becuase elizabeth baked some and brought 'em. no one threw up. the strategically placed mistletoe went underutilized. the booze ran out at 2 am, which is astounding, given the amount there was. the cohort didn't notice, because they'd discovered grappa. D got vinegar in his eye. A shirt caught fire (too many candles). the doorknob fell off and was fixed by art historians with butter knives. the desis only talked to each other. the philosopher danced to rhythm is a dancer, as requested. regula numero uno/rule number one/'don't shit where you sleep' showed much signs of abuse.

it was grand. the last blurry pictures are from nearly 4 in the morning. for those who missed the fun, check out this completely insane music video, and cheer at the sliding butter chickens!

Merry Christmas, all.
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