Saturday, December 16, 2006

from nerdistan, with love

Postings from the real world will start soon, once i finish writing these darned papers.

Meanwhile, feeling quite happy because I just finished wrassling with /orchestrating a conceptual monster of a paper in which the cast of character included, in order of appearance - Max Weber, Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, Claude Levi-Strauss, Albert Einstein, Jules Henri Poincare, X-Rays, Sigmund Freud and the 'all time piece' (as we'd call him in Ramjas Hostel) Bruno Latour. And I managed to do all of this without even writing about The Prestige, which I really really wanted to. If from this you have a hint of what I was upto - you're an even bigger nerd than I am. Boo.

In the middle of writing papers, I've also developed a huge fascination with Youtube. (And one of my flatmates is having trouble writing his papers becuase he's discovered the Best of Craigslist) If you've ever tried to find this blog by googling synchroni-cities, you'll probably come to this before - The Pink Floyd Movie Synchronization Story. It's been circulating for a while on the internet. Someone (presumably while smoking lots of pot and trying not to write term papers), discovered that if you run The Wizard of Oz while playing the Dark Side of the Moon as soundtrack simultaneously, it has strange and wonderful effects. And of course, someone has uploaded the results, in seven parts, on Youtube, as the Dark Side of the Rainbow. Even without pot (and with loads of caffeine in the system at four in the morning, the results are, well strange and wonderful. Especially Part 3 (Great Gig in the Sky) and Part 7 (Brain Damage/Eclipse). Though just about any song by Radiohead to anything on tv turned to mute works just as well, imho. Here's proof.

Coming soon - 'the lost weekend' pictures
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