Friday, January 14, 2005

the blue mug, and much beer

night before last, i was drinking with monica and amit at dv8, one of my favorite, well, beer-ing holes.
great evening.
and then i sudenly see that the whole cast and crew of the blue mug is sitting there, having many post show beers.

what do i say about the blue mug?

based on doctor oliver sack's books on neurological disorders, the man who mistook his wife for a hat, the play is...
structured in a dizzyingly simple manner, but whic constantly juxtaposes everyday neuroses with more tragic disorders to the point where it's hard to tell them apart, but towards the end there is a sudden lurch (no other words to describe it, not twist, not conclusion) and you come out of the theatre examining your own life, your own neuroses, and your own past.

i came out sobbing, but somehow redeemed. after bellyaching laughter througout the play.

humour as pathos.

among those who gave the play its power were the actors ranvir and vinay, who once upon a time used to be channel V VJs. they also do great comedy sketches on something called the great indian comedy show - including a curry western in which the cowboys speak thet punjabi, and the red indians speak english, with very broad south indian accents. (wanted dead or alive. reward - panj hazaar butter chicken oye!)

i love them for the that they can do both. 'serious' theatre, and commercial tv, and bring their own peculair sense of humour to both; making humour a truly serious business.

more power to them.
of course, many beers later i went and did true fan behavour by going upto them and congratulating them etc. etc.
for once, i felt completely unembarassed about doing something like that...
and when they said, you don't know how much this means to us, i seriously hope they weren't funning me!

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