Friday, January 14, 2005

'i am the law'

does anyone remember the awful movie 'judge dredd', in which a heavily armoured sylvester stallone moved around the city beating up people and yelling lopjawed, 'I am the law'?
well, don't.
it's not worth the rememberance.
but -

two nights ago i flagged down an auto to go home. a guy who'd been running frantically and waving at the same auto joined me, to hitch a short ride...
turned out that he was a trafic policeman, going towards the intersection that was his beat for the night.
he kept asking the auto wallah to jump lights.
and obviously, the auto was pulled over by cops.
when he leaned out of the auto and said, Let him go, I asked him to do it, I am of the 'staff'...

('staff' is a great social institution in delhi, which allows impecunious, (or just plain aggro) students in delhi to not pay for bus tickets by pretending (or prtending to pretend) to be the drivers/staff of other buses...

when we reached his crossing, a red light again, he got off and told the autowallah to go.
- but now you're no longer in the auto, i will have to pay a fine.
the policeman said, with exasperated benevolence, that he was only handling this particular crossing, so what was the auto wallah worried about?

nexttime you want to run a red light, just have a cop sitting in your car.
not only will that prevent legal trouble, he will actively encourage the breaking of the law...

judge dredd, here we, um, went-ed...
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