Sunday, December 26, 2004

who is your alter poet?

what happens to the process of self discovery via web-searches?

supposing, before the internet, you had lines going through your head, over and over again - what would you do about them?
get stoned? try and re-interpret them into a poem? get inspired to live your life by them?
the obsessive line was a zen koan which went round and round in your head, until, out of the corner of your eye, you saw the straight road to your own private nirvana...

now, you just google the line...
enlightenement and self-discovery are no longer contextual, but hyper-textual...

an example -

google, as i did,
we turned at a dozen paces for love is a duel and looked at each other for the last time...
(Jack Kerouac, on the road)
and you get -
Who is your Alter Poet?

if enlightenment is hyperlinked,
then six degrees of separation have become one and a half
and i am jack kerouac,
and if you see me On The Road, kill the buddha.
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