Wednesday, December 22, 2004

tehelka machaa diya!

tehelka has done it again.
nailed madhu shrivastav (asshole bjp mla from gujarat) for paying zaheera sheikh 18 lakh rupees to buy her silence.
zaheera's testimony in the witness stand in the best bakery retrial has turned hostile just yesterday. she couldn't see anything, according to the testimony, because of the smoke in the burning bakery.
yet again, they've nailed the bastards in the bjp.
it takes courage to come out after three years of persecution - and screw the bastards yet again.
oh yes, this is such joy on a foggy overcast day.
the rightwing asshole party gets another kick on its bloated fat amoral venal ass.
and now that they've been voted out of power pretty conclusively, they'll really get what's coming to them.
or so one hopes.
did anything happen to congress mlas in delhi even when they were out of power, after 1984?
but one can only hope that this time, this one time -
justice will be done.

viva le sting operation! or maybe not?
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