Wednesday, March 16, 2005

return - spring.

no blogging for a long time.
but it is season for return.

it is spring, but time has slowed down.
it is spring, and time has slowed.

now all things appear in slow motion. burdened by cycles, by 'eternal return'.
muss es sein?
es muss sein.
each visual, each vision, needing a footnote.
life a bit like watching 'wings of desire'.

it is spring, and the leaves fall thick.
the leaves a thick pile every day.
on which the street dogs lie curled up every morning, against the vestigial chill of winter.
it is spring, and the new leaves burst forth on the never quite bare branches.
yellow and green existing together, the simultaneity of decay and regeneration, the poet's words/image given a poignancy that he could not possibly have seen, in climes he nver visited -
nature's first green is gold...

it is spring and time has slowed down. it holds still.
if leaf-fall and leaf renewal, yellow and green, autumn and spring
exist together...
so different from the fall and the long bare winters of lands to the north and the west...

for those who have the luxury of staring at trees
might it not make all the difference
between believing in reincarnation,
and beliveing in a long, quiet buriedness
a long bareness and absence of life
and a sudden rising up on the day of judgement?
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