Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dard di Raunaq, or why i should learn Punjabi

Because Pash wrote in it.
Because Rabbi sings it.
Because of Bulleh Shah.
Because of this -

Ki pata-thikana puchde ho -
Mere sheher da na Tanhai ey
Zila: Sukhan-navaz
Jeda daak khana Rusvaai ey
Oda rasta Gehrian Sochan han, te mashoor makam Judaai ey
Othay aaj kal Abid mil sakda ey -
Betha dard di raunaq laai ey.

What address do you ask for?
My town is called Loneliness.
District: Lover of poetry.
Sub-district: Loss and longing.
The Post Office is Disgrace and
The way there is to get lost in thought.
Its famous monument is Separation
Abid can be found there these days
Sitting, and making pain a lively spectacle.
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