Wednesday, April 20, 2005

dv8 again. coincidence or happenstance.

dv8 and i have this spooky relationship.
ref earlier posts on lahore, via ahmedabad and dv8, and the blue mug.

so last friday night, immediately after screening raghu romeo (a rajat kapoor film, another coincidence, refer the blue mug post!)
am chilling with monica, vivek and ranita, when someone from behind calls my name.
it's an acquaintance from pakisitan, someone i'd met briefly in my week in lahore , here for the final match.

i had justgotten into delhi that morning. was about to leave the next.
i had absolutely no intentions of going for the match. she had no contact details for me.
what were the chances that we'd meet at all, and of all places, in dv8?
it's so damn synchroni-cities, it's just not cricket, i tell you!

but since Cyril had told her that dv8 was a good place to drink in delhi, and considering the cricket series was on, i thought of it as happenstance. everyone else voted for coincidence.

what say you?
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