Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In bookstores and subway stations

Riffing on Dylan, again -
In bookstores and subway stations People talk of situations Read books, repeat quotations And we're no further from war...

One photo, from the Canal Street Subway station. One, from the Columbia Bookstore.
The graffiti makes an iconic image into something even more disturbing; whereas the film (of which this is the poster) methinks, will work (or hope to work) towards problematizing it.

And even the liberals here have to be even-handed, equally representing both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
But how can you be 'even handed' when a 'situation' is unequal and unjust?
How can you be even handed when the subway graffiti conflates American military victories with Israel(yes, I know it's an eight pointed star, but what does it make you think of?), a logic too easily understood everywhere in the world today?

This country...
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