Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hiatus. Explained.

I am typing this in Calcutta, on the computer in my parents’ lovely apartment in Calcutta, which I am visiting for the first time. Torrential rain has knocked out the Internet, so who knows when this will be up on the blog. While driving back home with the parents at 7.30 this morning, the sky turned so dark with the impeding rain that headlights had to be turned on. The crows flying helter skelter were almost indistinguishable against the sky.

The monsoons have arrived in Calcutta, and so have I. I left New York on the 13th of May, so it’s been a month of being ‘of no fixed address’; and, of course, no regular internet access; which explains the hiatus from blogging. The month has seen me passing through eight airports (JFK, Dublin, Madrid Barajas, Athens, Cairo, Bahrain, Delhi IGI, Calcutta); and hanging out in ten cities, towns and islands (Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Toledo, Athens, Aegina Island, Mycenae, Naphlion, Cairo, Alexandria) before arriving in Delhi.

But the travels didn’t stop in Delhi. Having been away for only ten months, I could sense the city having changed. Having no home to call my own in the city that feels most like home, I continued living out of a backpack, wandering the city in its intense oven heat, spending nights in friends’ apartments, catching up with conversations.

And now it’s time to catch up with the blog. Soon to come, accounts of the travels - including pictures of the most beautiful Coca Cola sign ever; the cohort’s adventures in Greece, and why the 4S Beach Bar in the Anupam Complex (PVR Saket) has the best dance music on four continents; imho.
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