Monday, August 28, 2006

nerd central

The weather is perfect, what the'd call a balmy night. Wind and a hint of rain, cool but not cold.
You're walking along with a pretty girl after listening to Sonny Rollins live at the Lincoln Centre, playing some exquisite jazz.
You look for a trashcan to dump a paper cup you're holding and you can't find any. You start singing Sunday Bloody Sunday.
You stop mentally, and rewind, trying to figure how you got from the one to the other, apart from the fact that it is a Sunday.

Oh yes, the trash can. Not finding one. You remember that there aren't too many public trash cans in London either, and that's because the IRA used to put bombs in them. And Sunday Bloody Sunday is about 'theTroubles' that led to the absence of trash cans.

You realize that your subconcious (or whatever) mind, rather than plotting moves on aforesaid pretty girl, has been processing history/trivia/pop culture from the nineteen eighties.

You find a trash can. You dump the cup. You might as well dump all hope as well.

You're in the most happening city in the world and bets on you scoring currently stand at a million to one.

An M66 crosstown bus stops nearby. You start singing 'At the Zoo'.

Welcome to nerd central.
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