Monday, January 03, 2005

(not so) lucid dreaming

so the new year has come with fog and mist and the surrealism that thick yellow fog swirling into a third floor flat through the balcony can bring - when the park and the houses beyond are obscured behind your own shadow floating solidly on shifting mists...

so woke up this morning, switched of the alarm, and went into what i can only think of as a lucid dream, except that there was nothing particuarly lucid, or intelligent about it - just, the halllucinogenic, slightly brain dead clarity of scripted Hollywood Technicolour. (i could hear the violins soar in the background....)

my, ahem, dream, was some form of a biopic of the Rock band, u2. now i can, with a little stretch of the imagination, be described as a fan, even though i am yet to hear their latest album, but this, even by my standards, is truly ridiculous....
(what is even more ridiculous is that i actually remember the drivel. most dreams just leave a magic mushroom aftertaste...)

one of u2's early, unsuccesful singles is an esoteric homage to an esoteric irish poet who thinks he's an ancient greek philosopher. the dreams pans over the lyrics, written by yeats. in the dream, 'edward', rather than wb. (i remember being surprised by this even as i dreamt... )
the dream unspools to show the memebers of u2 meeting the loopy, snowy haired yeats, and then goes on to...

Canberra. Australia. Olympics. (Forget visiting, I haven't even seen a picture of Canberra, and notice change of scene, country, halfway across the world... )
u2 are doing some form of local hero/theme song singing and hanging out role here...
bono is sitting at a swimming pool where athletes are hanging out. (i even remember the shirt he is wearing, white, with pale blue and pink flowers)
one athlete (white) challenges another athlete (chinese?) to jump into the deep end. the other athlete refuses, saying he' s a runner, not a swimmer.
bono says, softly, that the guy seems like a bigger coward than the members of u2.
the chinese athlete jumps into the pool. and drowns.
cut to church. crowds gathering. dream camera tracks into perforated screen outside church porch, where bright red roses are being poked into the perforations.
enter sudden darkness of church, to see people lounging around for memorial service, but in distinctly woodstock fashion.
some long haired, blond, ugly guy beats ponytailed bono up a bit for making the athlete jup.
bono goes backstage, or rather, back-altar, burning with remorse.
hectic negotiations with officiating priest.
i know that he's about to come back and sing one moving sog which will become a instant hit, and u2 will be made for life.
monica's phone alarm goes off and i wake up...

why the amazing clarity, and wildly inventive detail?
why the complete disconnect from my everyday life?
any interpretations?
and if, as if the saying goes, morning dreams always come true (subah ka sapna hamesha sach hota hai), then for the scary possibilites of the transformative powers of lucid dreams, read Ursula K. Le Guin's, 'The Lathe of Heaven'.
and be a little scared...

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