Sunday, November 01, 2009

faiz on the d train/ tere gham ko jaan ki talaash thi

तेरे ग़म को जाँ की तलाश थी तेरे जाँ निसार चले गए
तेरी रह में करते थे सर तलब, सर- रहगुज़ार चले गए

तेरी कज-अदाई से हार के शब-ए इंतज़ार चली गयी
मेरे ज़ब्त-ए हाल से रूठ कर मेरे ग़मगुसार चले गए

न सवाल-ए वस्ल, न अर्ज़-ए ग़म, न हिकायतें न शिकायतें
तेरे अहद में दिल-ए ज़ार के सभी इख़तियार चले गए

यह हमीं थे जिन के लिबास पर सर-ए रह सयाही लिखी गयी
यही दाग़ थे जो सजा के हम सर-ए बज़्म यार चले गए

न रहा जूनून-ए रुख़-ए वफ़ा, यह रसन यह दार करोगे क्या
जिन्हें जुर्म-ए इश्क़ पे नाज़ था वह गुनाहगार चले गए

-- Faiz Ahmad "Faiz", July 1959

In Roman --

Tere gham ko jaaN ki talaash thi, tere jaN nisaar chale gaye
Teri rah meiN karte the sar talab, sar-e rahguzaar chale gaye

Teri kaj adaaee se haar kar shab-e intazaar chali gayee
Mere zabt-e haal se rooTh kar mere ghamgusaar chale gaye

Na sawaal-e vasl, na arz-e gham, na hikayateN na shikayateN
Tere ehed maIn dil-e zaar ke bhi ikhteyaar chale gaye

Yeh hameeN the jin ke libaas par sar-e rah syaahi likhi gayee
Yahi daagh the jo sajaa ke ham sar-e bazm yaar chale gaye

Na raha junoon-e rukh-e wafa, ya rasan ye dar karoge kya?
JinheiN jurm-e ishq pe naaz tha voh gunaahgar chale gaye

In (as usual) crappy, too literal translation --

Your sorrow searched for life, those ready to give life for you are gone
Those who clamoured to be at the head of your path, have gone to the beginning of another road

Defeated by your twisted gestures the night of waiting went away
Upset by the restraint of my condition, my would-be consolers went away

No question of union, no declaration of grief, neither anecdotes nor complaints
In your era the rights of this wounded heart also went away

It is us on whose clothing blackness was written at the beginning of the road
These were the scars we adorned when we went to the start of the beloved's banquet

The madness of the face of fidelity does not remain, what will you do with this rope, these gallows
They who were proud of the crime of love, those sinners have gone away

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